Make the most of your freezer
  • Save the ends of your parmesan wedges. You can throw them in a plastic bag and  store them in the freezer until you need them.  Parmesan is naturally loaded with umami so it adds a great depth of flavor mysterious parmesan-y goodness to your soups and stews. Just throw the parmesan ends in during the 30-45 minutes of cooking and fish the slightly melted ends out before serving.
  • Make your own stock! Its so easy and its so much better than the stuff you buy. Whenever you have chicken, save the bones. Throw them into a bag in the freezer and wait until you’ve collected enough and then make your stock on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Stock might simmer for hours but the active cooking time is only about five minutes (5 minutes = great stock = totally worth it) and then you can freeze the resulting stock until you need it.
  • Ginger and chiles can be stored in the freezer for months. Plus there’s an added bonus; frozen chiles and ginger are so much easier to chop and grate finely.

Storing herbs in damp paper towels

  • The best way to store fresh herbs is to remove the rubber band or tie binding them together and loosely wrap them in damp paper towels. Then put them in a plastic bag and seal the bag. Tuck the herbs into your vegetable drawer until you need them again. Most herbs will keep for several weeks this way.




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