Sautéed Escarole with Garlic & Lemon + Mario Batali Likes Anchovies, Can I?

Escarole from EatalyLast week Janet and I had dinner at Eataly’s Il Pesce again. She got the razor clams and they were just as delicious as the last time. I tried the sautéed whole fish but it was too plain for me. The mussels that I had last time were much better. To round out the meal we shared a side of sautéed escarole.

We both knew escarole was a leafy green vegetable beyond that we were vague on the details but we were feeling adventurous and deciding to try something new. The Menu at Eataly's Il Pesce

Il Pesce’s sautéed escarole was a wonderful introduction to the vegetable. I’m a big fan now. They’d sautéed it in olive oil, garlic, lemon and something else but I couldn’t place what else was in there. The mystery ingredient was adding a delicious umami flavor…. so when I got home I googled it. Mario was kind enough to have his recipe for sautéed escarole up on my favorite recipe site, Epicurious. Mario’s recipe sounded like a very close relation to the one used to prepare our side dish and there was the mystery ingredient, anchovies. Eeeewww. Gross!  I should have guessed. Ingredients for Sauteed EscaroleChopped Escarole

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