Gentlemanly Eggs Just in Time for Father’s Day: Scotch Eggs with Chorizo

Scotch Quail Eggs from CraftBarCraftbar’s scotch eggs with chorizo appetizer was delicious. Unfortunately, the main dishes that followed weren’t as good but perhaps the eggs had set too high a standard for the other dishes to live up to. Spaghetti with veal, ricotta meatballs from CraftBar

Fried Soft Shell Crabs with pickled vegetables from CraftBarReed was looking forward to CraftBar’s braised short ribs which they’ve had on the menu for years but the ribs were MIA that night. He was forced to settle for the spaghetti and veal, ricotta meatballs. While the meatballs were delicious the spaghetti was over cooked and the tomato sauce was flat. My fried soft shell crabs were good but the accompanying pickled vegetables were hit or miss (the baby carrots were very nice but the cauliflower didn’t work with the brine at all).Hard Boiled Quail EggsScotch Eggs assembly line

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