The Problem with Food Blogging

Pigging out. There's always too much food. I haven’t posted in almost 3 months. There’s been no shortage of inspiration. Between recent trips to London and New Orleans, I’ve had wonderful meals that would be great to post about. A few weeks ago I was totally inspired to start writing again when I saw Deb Pearlman, the founder of the massively popular Smitten Kitchen, speak about her food blogging career.

The thing is there’s a problem with food blogging. It makes you fat. Ever since starting Spoons to Sporks the percentage of clothes in my closet that fits has been shrinking. When I got down to only wearing 50% of my wardrobe, I realized I had to change the blogging format here or pretty soon I’d be trying out for the Biggest Loser.

I think that’s why so many food bloggers are mothers. They can pawn off the food their blog generates to their families. As a single woman that’s not an option and its wrong to throw away perfectly good food (my mom drilled the maxim that ‘there’s starving children in Ethiopia so be happy you have something to eat, now finish your dinner’ deep into my soul).  But I just can’t eat Mac & Cheese everyday even if the leftovers were super fabulous all week.

food blogging

So yummy but eating my way through the rest of that pan didn’t do my waistline any favors.

What to do…..