MB Post: Burrata & Roasted Red Pepper Sandwich with Green Olive Pesto

MB PostRoasted Red Pepper & Burrata Sandwich with Green Olive PestoReed and I had lunch at MB Post in Manhattan Beach after taking in the fair at Art Platform  Los Angeles.  MB Post calls itself a social house and the staff is friendly and easy going in that Californian way that makes you suspect that the standoffish-ness of the North East is really an epidemic of Seasonal Affective Disorder.  Perhaps if we had more warm sun drenched cloudless days, New York would have a better reputation for customer service.

Sunny Manhattan Beach

A few steps away from MB Post, sunny Manhattan Beach

MB Post's Menu

The MB Post’s lunch menu included all the usual suspects; pork belly, kale, yuzu, and burrata.  We spilt the cheddar maple biscuits (the maple syrup butter was incredible), pomegranate couscous, and the burrata & roasted pepper sandwich. All were delicious.

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Rose Water: Crispy Lamb with Yogurt Sauce & Scallions

Rose Water Over the summer I had a wonderful lamb dish at Rose Water (unfortunately I lost the pictures of the food) in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Rose Water is a tiny Park Slope restaurant focused on local, seasonal, organic ingredients.  I’ve been going there for years and have never had a bad meal there. Rose Water roasted their leg of lamb in a harissa sauce. Lovely. The spiciness of the harissa sauce balanced the richness of the fork tender lamb.

Rose Water Brooklyn

I’ve always wanted to make leg of lamb. When I was growing up we had a herd of sheep and every spring we ate lots of lamb. I’m still quite fond on lamb. Unfortunately, not everyone is. I think they just haven’t tried good lamb yet but I’m hesitant to make a leg of lamb for a dinner party.

Ingredients for garlic & herb pasteLamb

Averaging around 7 pounds, a leg of lamb for just Reed and I would yield more leftovers than I care to imagine so I’m always on the look out for interesting lamb recipes using smaller cuts than the leg.

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Boat Street Cafe: Pan Roasted Chicken with Apricots, Pistachios & Dill

Boat Street Cafe's Apricot Chicken with Fava Bean Hummus

Seattle’s Boat Street Cafe did a wonderful job re-imagining apricot chicken. From reading the menu you wouldn’t think its apricot chicken at all, there it’s Pan Roasted Madhatcher Chicken Breast. Only when you get to the last line are the Rama Farm Tilton Apricots mentioned (the Boat Street Cafe’s menu is filled with pedigreed ingredients). I image Boat Street Cafe downplayed the apricots because apricot chicken brings to mind imagines of sticky sweet chicken slathered with apricot jam.

Boat Street Cafe

But Boat Street Cafe’s apricot chicken is all grown up with sophisticated friends like pistachio, dill, and fava beans.  Reclining on a bed of fava bean and pea hummus, my chicken could have won a PhD in delicious even without its fancy pedigrees.

Boat Street Cafe Menu

The week before when we were at dinner at Le Pigeon, I overheard the couple next to us discussing which dessert to order and the man poo-pooed the brioche bread pudding with apricots because ‘Apricots are bland and mushy.’ An raw apricot is kind of blah but a cooked apricot is wonderfully silky and elegantly flavorful.  Apricots are the only fruit I can think of that is improved by cooking like that. Making Fava Bean (here lima bean) & Pea Hummus

Fava Bean, Pea & Mint Hummus before adding oil

Fava Bean, Pea & Mint Hummus before adding oil

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