Fried Rice, Chinese Take Out Style

Chinese Take Out Who doesn’t love to order Chinese take out from that spot around the corner?  But sometimes when I’m feeling healthy and/or motivated to use up various leftovers, I make my own.

The nice thing about making your own fried rice is you can cut back on the oil, use lean meats & brown rice, and load up on the vegetables. All of a sudden it goes from a greasy, take out, indulgence to a healthy one dish meal that you can whip up in no time.   Fried Rice Ingredients

Chopped Ginger for Fried RiceAfter a big Easter lunch this past Sunday, my parents sent me home with eggs (from my mom’s chicken, more on them later), ham, peas, cake, extra frosting, orange juice, deviled eggs, and scallions. My mother is incapable of letting me leave the house without loading me up with foodstuffs.

I feel like pack mule returning to the city with bags full to bursting with leftovers, and other foods she doesn’t want to keep in the house. With the remnants of Easter supper taking over my refrigerator, it was time for me to make fried rice again.
Scrambling Eggs for Fried RiceScrambled Eggs and Chopped Ingredients

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Roast Monkfish over Pea & Prosciutto Risotto

Young Chicken with Peruvian Forbidden Rice

On the subway this past Friday night I noticed the smell of roast almonds.  ’That’s odd’ I thought.  The subway’s full of many smells, mainly urine and rotting trash but I don’t recall ever smelling roast almonds down there. As the smell became stronger, I started looking around at my fellow passengers to find the source.

Then I remembered I was carrying a bottle of almond oil, the very one I used to make the dressing for the radicchio salad.  I looked under the arugula and cilantro and there it was, tipped over, and leaking all over my shopping bag.

Roast Monkfish with mushroom risotto

Reed's Roast Monkfish with Mushroom Risotto

Rayuela's Sign

At the time I was on my way over to Reed’s toting the groceries to make dinner that night. But since my all ingredients were dosed in almond oil, we went out to dinner at Rayuela, a Latin American restaurant on the Lower East side.

I had a beautiful plate of young chicken with Peruvian forbidden rice. The rice was jet black and the cook had molded it into a perfect square. On top of this bed of rice my twice-cooked egg looked very dramatic. Rayuela had given my chicken and rice a top notch Hollywood makeover.

Prosciutto and Onion for Risotto

Sautéing barley before adding the broth

Adding the broth to the risotto

Mixing the cheese into the risotto

Unfortunately, the best thing about that dish was the aesthetics. Beyond that nothing really stood out.

Instead, Reed’s roast monkfish over mushroom risotto with foie gras was delicious even if it wasn’t quite as pretty as my dish. Since I couldn’t find black rice anywhere and the monkfish and risotto was better anyway, I’m going to work on Reed’s dish.  I have some ethical issues with foie gras so I’m going to opt for another ingredient to amp up the flavors: prosciutto.  Continue reading