Bruschetta Three Ways

Bruschetta three waysI’ve been sick. Hence the lack of posts recently. I went out Newport Beach with Reed for a lovely weekend away but on the way back  I picked up the flu. Yesterday I couldn’t even get out of bed but luckily I had an interesting book that I have to finish for my book club this weekend. Dinner at Pelican Hill Resort

Sunset from the porch at the Pelican Grill In the past when I haven’t been felling well my cat, Bounce, has looked at me with eyes that said, ‘Why are you being such a loser mom? Let’s play!’. But this time she curled up next to me in bed for most of the day. I think she’s maturing. Continue reading


Deviled Eggs Three Ways

Holeman & Finch Deviled Eggs 3 WaysHoleman and Finch Public House PlateAbout a year ago I first noticed deviled eggs appearing on menus in New York.  A year later they’re everywhere.  Usually they’re spiffed up with a bacon infusion or spiked with sriracha sauce but I’m still a sucker for old school deviled eggs. Although, there are so many recipes for deviled eggs that everyone’s idea of traditional deviled egg is probably a little different.

A few months ago when Reed and I were down in Atlanta, we ordered deviled eggs three ways at Holeman & Finch Public House. Holeman & Finch is a cool Atlanta restaurant that specialize in small plates doing modern takes on traditional Southern food. There’s a lot of heritage pork on the menu and everything we tried was excellent but super filling. Eggs from our chickens

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Sweet Potato Cakes with Shrimp and Chipotle Sauce

Saltfish and Sweet Potato Fritters

Yesterday, my friend Lauren returned from a vacation in the Bahamas. She’d quickly booked the trip after breaking up with her boyfriend of two years a few weeks ago. We meet for dinner at Kaz an Nou, a new Caribbean/French bistro, and over saltfish and sweet potato cakes, she showed me her pictures of pina coladas at sunset, beautiful beaches and palm trees.

Interior of Kaz an Nou a French Caribbean BistroKaz an Nou entrance

She’d had a great time and barely thought about her ex at all. In fact she meet a guy who was cute, sweet and told her that her ex wasn’t good enough, he’d let the relationship fail and all the other things she wanted to hear. A fun flirtation in the islands seems like a great way to power through the first few weeks after a break up. She’s planning to go back in another month as a reward to herself, if she doesn’t contact her ex for the month.

Sweet Potato Cakes with Shrimp Ingredients

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Ricotta with Honey, Herbs & Orange Toast

Burnt Orange Toast with Fresh Ricotta and Truffle Honey

I was flipping through the pages of an old issue of New York Magazine at the gym. Generally, I greatly prefer US Weekly or InTouch when I’m on the stair master but my fellow gym goers had already taken all the good stuff.

Locanda Verde at Brunch

When my heart rate is up reading the caption, not even the article mind you, about Kim Kardashian’s latest exploits is all the mental stimulation I can take. Sometimes I pick up a gossip magazine that’s a few months old. Then my celebrity make up/break up knowledge is all messed up and I’m just shocked to learn Jen broke up with that guy she was dating a few months ago again…. when did they get back together?  When my pulse is three times its resting rate, my IQ drops at least as much.

Ingredients for ricotta with honey, herbs, and orange toast

Fresh Ricotta Cheese

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