In Short

Tales of dining out and cooking in, mostly in New York, where I live, but also from my travels.

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What you’ll find here are stories of the dishes I enjoy when I’m out on the town and then recipes those meals inspire me make at home. With my recipes I’m not trying to duplicate the restaurant’s dish exactly but I am trying to capture the best parts with ingredients and techniques that are approachable.

My cooking style is laid back with a flare for all things delicious and an interest in keeping it somewhat healthy. I embrace flexibility and ingredient substitutions because I’m working in a small kitchen and don’t have the space for ingredients I’ll never use again.  While I’m eating out I indulge but for every day cooking I try to reduce fats and simple carbohydrates and always add more veggies.


You can contact me at:

spoonstosporks [at] gmail [dot] com




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